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Welcome to Torlona’s Wiki.

This main page will provide some basic information about the world of Torlona as well as access to its long and complex history.

This realm was of my own creation back in 1994 when I ran my first 2nd Edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I have each campaign I’ve ran in this world broken down into “eras.” The first two eras, however, were already established as back story for the third. At the time, I didn’t have the experience, knowledge or preparation skills of being a Dungeon Master. But, as the years went by, I learned all these skills the hard way and have calculated that each campaign I’ve ran would make sense to have it take place in the same realm, but at different periods of time. And with each period, a huge event occurred that marked the end of one era and beginning of the next. This will be a constant work in progress as I continue to add details and forgotten events to the eras, but hopefully they’ll provide a great read at the least. I have only ten eras at the moment, with another three in the planning stages to be ran in the future. Once those events unfold, they will be added here.

While the first “eras” were in fact played using the 2nd Edition version of the D&D, and eventually 3.5 D&D, any and all characters that I include in this campaign will be converted as best as I can remember to the Pathfinder game system. Also, when referring to years within certain eras, it will be broken down thusly: E2Y473 (473 year of the 2nd era, for example). Hopefully this will clear up any possible confusion in the page histories.

With that being said, the first era, Age of Creation will help get things started.

If you would rather skip ahead to a different era, they are provided below.

Second Era: Civilization’s Uprising

Third Era: Dawn of Dragons

Fourth Era: Winter’s Grip

Fifth Era: The Wizards Ten

Sixth Era: Verrikaard’s Demise

Seventh Era: The Mind’s Eye

Eighth Era: Rise of the Drow King

Ninth Era: Fall of Faith

Tenth Era: Wrath of the Storm King

Eleventh Era: The Five Horsemen

Twelfth Era: Coming Soon

Thirteenth Era: Coming Soon

Also, for quicker access to other things I have included, I have a list of quick links below. They’re mostly things like the different continents, or deities, but they’ll get you where you need to go.

Continents: Ardoma, Fallemon, Prægoria

Organizations: Emerald Crusade, Mercantile Syndicate, Obsidian Order, Red River Exchange, Venture Company





Main Page

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