Ardoma (arr-DOE-muh) has been the continent all of my campaigns thus far have taken place on. Until the middle of the tenth era, it was commonly referred to as the “Known World.” This was due in part to all of the continents being cut off from one another, with their fate unknown, since the third era.

This continent rests almost wholly in the northern hemisphere of the realm (much like the United States and Canada) and has the typical winter/summer cycle for its global locale. The western half of the land mass is extremely mountainous and forested, while the eastern half is more flatland and swampy, though there are a few exceptions.

The mystery that plagues this nation is a blight called the Void. While it isn’t a living thing, it seems to grow like one. During the ninth era, it was almost as large as one of the nations themselves. Though spreading slowly, about a mile a year in every direction, nothing could stop it. It’s an area of pure darkness and evil, twisting and perverting everything within it’s “borders.” There is no historical information on this growing plague other than its existence and no one knows what creatures inhabit its confines. History does hint at the actions of a few young heroes that may have brought on its inception at the end of the eighth era. But, without any credible evidence, it’s mostly just rumor.

The destruction of the Void resulted in the end of the ninth era, and the beginning of the tenth, but not without a great sacrifice of nine brave wizards. How they accomplished this task, no one but they know. Not to mention the Void wasn’t truely destroyed, but merely suppressed for a number of years.

Nations of Ardoma:
Blood Coast
Medusa’s Hold
The Scourge
The Void
Vel D’Larna

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