Titles: The Nine Arcane, The Wizard-Gods
Adjective: Apprentice
Home: Nine Towers
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Magic
Worshipers: Wizards, Sages, Scholars
Cleric Alignments: NG, LN, CN, NE
Domains: Magic, Rune
Utham Aerlian Artifice, Glory, Good (Agathion, Arcane, Azata, Construct, Heroism, Wards)
Zanous Aerlian Community, Good, Knowledge (Arcane, Archon, Family, Home, Language, Thoughts)
Lucrezia Greyflame Darkness, Death, Evil (Arcane, Daemon, Loss, Night, Undead, Wards)
Fidjit Animal, Liberation, Luck (Arcane, Fate, Feather, Freedom, Fur, Language)
Brand Battlespell Chaos, Earth, Fire (Arcane, Ash, Azata, Caves, Metal, Wards)
Cala Charm, Law, Madness (Arcane, Inevitable, Insanity, Language, Love, Lust)
Bastarg Noseeme Chaos, Travel, Trickery (Arcane, Deception, Exploration, Language, Protean, Thievery)
Grug Baleog Strength, War, Weather (Arcane, Blood, Ferocity, Storms, Tactics, Wards)
Cordea Good, Healing, Protection, (Agathion, Arcane, Defense, Purity, Restoration, Wards)
Favored Weapon:
Utham Aerlian: Quarterstaff
Zanous Aerlian: Longsword
Lucrezia Greyflame: Spiked Gauntlet
Fidjit: Club
Brand Battlespell: Dwarven Waraxe
Cala: Dagger
Bastarg Noseeme: Shortbow
Grug Baleog: Falchion
Cordea: Sai
Symbol: Nine pointed star
Sacred Animal: Owl
Sacred Colors: Gold
Utham Aerlian: White
Zanous Aerlian: Green
Lucrezia Greyflame: Black
Fidjit: Brown
Brand Battlespell: Orange
Cala: Blue
Bastarg Noseeme: Yellow
Grug Baleog: Red
Cordea: Purple

During the Fall of Faith the heroes ran into the wizards that trained prospective apprentices at the Tower of High Wizardry in Stonehold. These nine wizards provided them with assistance and guidance to enable their success in their destiny. After faith was restored, the nine wizards continued their training of new students more or less unhindered. Roughly 20 years after the god’s were restored, some very disturbing information had reached the wizards. The Void was expanding, and at an alarming rate. Seeing as how the information was time-sensitive, the wizards decided to take matters into their own hands and venture into the Void to stop it.

While the group of wizards didn’t succeed at destroying the Void, they were able to prevent it from spreading further. However, this achievement came at the cost of the lives of all nine mages.

Utham Aerlian
Zanous Aerlian
Lucrezia Greyflame
Brand Battlespell
Bastarg Noseeme
Grug Baleog


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