Dawn of Dragons

In E2Y1106 the realm as it was known practically ceased to exist, due to the apocalyptic nature of the newly arrived beasts. This ushered in the third era: the Dawn of Dragons. This era proved to be the most difficult of times for the fairly new, young realm. At least, up to this point in history. Sure, the individual races had their small wars and clashes. The distant continents had their cross-ocean battles. Even nations and kingdoms were forged and felled on occasion. But none of those small skirmishes could prepare the races of the realm for the magical reptilian beasts that seemed to arrive out of nowhere, bringing mass death, chaos and destruction in their wake.

By E3Y12 the dragon population had nearly tripled in size and showed no signs of slowing down. The deities, seeing their still young and new creation threatened, decided to intervene in a small way. While they could have easily just showed up in person and ended the threat in a matter of seconds, they decided instead to imbue their created races and creatures with a very small portion of their power, so that they could defeat the dragon invasion themselves.

This era saw the first of the eleven core classes spread amongst the five prominent races on the realm. These newly awakened individuals forged the first of the resistance against the dragon infestation. In E3Y554, the source of the dragon horde had been discovered: a rift in the realm, formed from the other side. The army at the time of discovery entered this rift to discover a realm similar to their own, but completely overrun by the magical reptilian beasts.

While the resistance efforts hadn’t completely eradicated the dragons, it did quell their numbers enough to a tolerable level. At the same time, the army that had entered the rift had somehow found a way to close it. Their method is yet unknown, as none were able to return.

Due to the resistance and the sealed rift, the dragon’s population started to fall to near extinct levels. Some variations of the species were even fully eradicated. The dragon’s hostile and warlike nature was the most prominent cause of their kind being sought after and destroyed. The rest of the dragon types went into hiding, in fear of being slain. While in hiding, the dragons watched and learned, slowly evolving into the intelligent beasts we known them as now. The final dragon slain out of hatred and revenge was in E3Y802.

Over the next couple thousand years, civilizations and kingdoms rebuilt themselves, and with newfound abilities, powers, ideas and experience, it ushered in a great deal of new issues to the realm. Now that the realm had no reason to band together to squash a dragon infestation, people were able to pursue their own dreams, desires and wishes, evil or otherwise.

It was a series of these pursuits that caused the whole of the realm to be plunged into a world-wide ice age. While it took a few years to become fully realized, by E3Y3664 the whole of th realm was completely covered in snow and ice. This ushered in the fourth era: Winter’s Grip.

Dawn of Dragons

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