Civilization's Uprising

The First Era ended when the first sentient beings, the elves, had their first contact with the humans. At first, there were hostilities, but after roughly 20 years of fighting, the war finally came to end and the two races began to slowly build their civilizations in peace, as neighbors. It was at this time that both races began to create their own languages and start to record the history of their individual civilizations.

A great deal of the first era was written in their own view of the world’s creation, and as time passed, the two versions eventually merged into one grand theory.

Roughly a century later, the human and elven tribal kingdoms stumbled upon the gnomes and halflings. Unsure of their smaller cousins, they avoided outright warfare for a more primitive approach at diplomacy. While things were shaky at first, the four races eventually learned to live together in relative peace.

There are conflicting histories, but the most widely believed is that roughly 200 years after the halflings and gnomes were introduced to the world stage, the dwarves mined themselves out of the their underground kingdoms and joined the rest of the world as a prominent race. Though, this wasn’t without it’s issues. The dour and hardworking dwarves saw the elves as dandy ne’er-do-wells, while the calm and relaxed elves saw the dwarves as too stubborn and absorbed in their hobbies. This friction between the races still presents itself today, thousands of years after their first introduction.

With the five races living together in relative harmony, they all agreed to begin documenting their existence in a more organized and uniform fashion. Since the human language was the easiest to learn amongst the races, they all agreed that history would be documented and safeguarded by the humans. This gave the elves time to relax and do nothing, the halflings time to explore and get into trouble, the dwarves time to build and craft and the gnomes to try to find a place to fit in amongst the other four races, while also maintaining their own culture.

By E2Y734, the three continents had extensive trade networks between them using elven-made cargo ships. These continents were: Ardoma the northern most continent, Praegoria a continent that rested equally on the equator of Torlona, and Fallemon a continent resting in the southern hemisphere of the realm.

In E2Y1104, the first of the dragons arrived, and in a big way. This dragon, a red great wyrm, destroyed the elven naval ships and other dragons were soon following in it’s wake, causing mass chaos and destruction. At the time of their arrival, they were unintelligent beasts that thrived on death and destruction. This near-cataclysmic event ushered in the third era: the Dawn of Dragons.

Civilization's Uprising

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