Age of Creation

The Age of Creation began as a banished deity, whose name has been long lost to the annals of time, wandered the multiverse contemplating it’s purpose. Out of sheer boredom, it decided to stop its aimless wandering and create a new realm within the multiverse. Like most world-creating deities, it created a large floating, and lifeless, ball of water and earth. It quickly lost interest and desired to move on elsewhere, but not wanting to have its newest creation just float there in the multiverse, it created a handful of slightly less powerful deities to watch over the new realm and do with it as they pleased.

With the sheer amount of eons that passed from it’s creation to the Second Era, these new deities created the various, and typical, environments found in any other realm in the multiverse. Deserts, mountains, oceans, swamps, etc… Once their work was complete, the realm was full of a plethora of features, from the typical and mundane to the exquisite and awe-inspiring. But all the world’s wonders meant nothing without anything, or anyone, to enjoy them.

Their final act, before departing the realm, was the creation of hundreds of varying creatures, monsters and beasts. Along with these creations, they allowed the multitude of outer realms, such as the Positive Material Plane, have an equal influence in shaping a balance of the realm’s power and survival.

The sentient beings created, elves and humans for example, named the deities for the subjects of their creation. For example, the mountains were created by the deity named Mountain. While not the most unique name for a deity, the simple minds of the early civilizations did what they could to make sense of the new world they were inhabiting. Though the realm’s inhabitants had no idea that their praise was falling on deaf ears, as the deities that created them had long since left, leaving the realm for wandering deities of lesser power than they to inherit.

This world they lived in consisted of three continents, all roughly about the same size in land mass. In the beginning, however, the continents were completely unaware of each other.

Civilization’s Uprising will further explain the expansion and exploration of the young realm.

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Age of Creation

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